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November passed in a blur of caffeine and nicotine. Thirty days of relentless writing to meet the 50k goal was quite the endeavor. I would love to brag and say…”Ah, it was no sweat.” But that would not be the case, despite my longing to brag until I’m breathless. Be as that may, I did achieve my goal with flying colors, and now I have a project on the shelf that I will return to in good time. I am not going to disclose any info in regards to this project, but I will give you one hint…E L V E S. And no…not the kind that are molested by the fat man in the red suit. Sorry…that was so wrong. Oh, but I digress. The point of this article is simple. If I can do it, anyone can. I have written prior articles in regards to the use of discipline when it comes to writing. It’s a muscle that requires constant flexing. 50k words in one month is extreme. You can be just as productive at 1/3 of that level and still produce a piece of work in a timely manner. The key word being “produce.” Sit down and write that novel. Your muse is waiting.

Now…Back to my Dragon Rising Series.     


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Faire in the Grove

Knights gird their loins for battle for the sake of entertaining the masses. The valiant knight…or more appropriately…the evil Duke Amalric (a chorus of boos and hisses ensue) squares off against a defender of the realm. 
This is but a sample of what a renaissance fair has to offer. Not only do merchants dress-up, but most will take the time to answer questions whether it relates to weapons, clothing, or food. Amalric…or Brian, was one of those individuals. As a fantasy writer, it’s nice to occasionally step away from books and Google, and talk to people who actually make time-piece clothing and weapons of warfare. Though fantasy allows one to suspend disbelief, it’s still important to at least flirt with authenticity…especially in my case since I like to keep my universe gritty. Brian was very helpful in that regard, and has opened his door for me should I have further inquiries. My lesson today for all authors is to be mindful of the hobbies and interests of those around you. You may find someone to be an invaluable resource toward your creative process.

As a…homage for the fun I had last weekend, I’m including a link for one of the merchants. They specialize in wooden toys and rocking furniture, and their site is wonderful.




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