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I wanted to wait until my book release…I really, really did. But after receiving a number of products for my review and approval, I couldn’t resist. As wonderful as the quality of the products are, I must reserve the bulk of my kudos to the creative genius behind the image. Like the cover of Shadow of Kings, Ural Akyuz went to work again to provide me with an image that was simple, but yet possessed a punch. After I decided on the type of headshot I wanted for Lady Lucia, it was Ural who brought my Dragon Maiden to life. So here I was, surrounded by some cool stuff in the middle of the Holiday Season. What generally accompanies the Holidays is indulgence. With that aspect of my nature in full throttle, I have decided to open The Secret Throne store now, instead of waiting until Shadows of Kings is released in June, 2012. My plan is to close it at the first of the year and reopen it as my release date nears. Of course, if loud voices say otherwise, I’ll leave it open.

For now, there is only one image on multiple clothing products and miscellaneous items. Be advised– more images and products will be added. But for the time being, I’m keeping it simple, as I prefer to test things out slowly before exposing them to the outside world.

To my beloved fans of geekdom and all things fantasy, I present The Secret Throne. http://www.printfection.com/Secretthrone

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