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Haven’t spoken too much about this lately, but it apears Disney’s Maleficent is surging ahead. It’s still slated for a May 2014 release with some buzzing about a July opening.


The video link below is a portion of Angolina Jolie’s  interview at the Disney Expo.


maleficent title Release date: July 2, 2014 (USA)

 Director: Robert Stromberg

 Costume design: Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard
 Production company: Walt Disney Pictures
 Screenplay: Paul Dini, Linda Woolverton
 See full cast at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1587310/
I’m  still excited for this release, and I have to admit, I would love see Anjolina Jolie play Rizela in SHADOWS OF KINGS and the rest of the Dragon Rising saga. Who knows…hope springs eternal.

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There are moments in movie entertainment when one looks at the cast and says…”You were born for this role.” That was my immediate impression when I heard Angolina Jolie was going to be cast as Maleficent. Disney’s makeover of the classic includes changing the title to Maleficent – the antagonist in Sleeping Beauty.

Robert Stromberg is making his Feature Film Directing Debut after years of being a leader in Visual Effects and Production Design. With creative credits from Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, I believe Maleficent is a perfect transition from his former endeavors.

Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite Disney film, but the anticipation I have for Maleficent is exponentially increasing by the day. Though my characters in Shadows of Kings were inspired by an amalgamation of people, events and personal inspiration, I have to admit that shades of my arch-villain, Rizela was inspired by the original Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. And wouldn’t you know it, when daydreaming of an actress to play Rizela, the first star that came to mind was Angolina Jolie. But Stromberg beat me to the punch. That’s ok, Angolina…you can still be Rizela…Call me!


Credited cast:
Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie
Elle Fanning Elle Fanning
Juno Temple Juno Temple
Miranda Richardson Miranda Richardson
Sam Riley Sam Riley
India Eisley India Eisley
Sharlto Copley Sharlto Copley
Imelda Staunton Imelda Staunton
Brenton Thwaites Brenton Thwaites
Young Prince
Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi
King Kinloch
Toby Regbo Toby Regbo
Lesley Manville Lesley Manville
Marama Corlett Marama Corlett
Kenneth Cranham Kenneth Cranham
Jamie Sives Jamie Sives

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