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I want to express my “thanks” to all the wonderful souls who spoke with me during the Pagan Faire. It was wonderful to be one of the many vendors participating at this year’s event. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout of current and future fans of the Dragon Rising Series. SHADOWS OF KINGS had a good showing, which is encouraging as the SHADES OF VIRTURE release draws near.

Artwork for SHADES OF VIRTUE is being worked on as we speak…and I must say, the sketches for the book cover look amazing. The weeks and months prior to release are very stressful, so please keep me in your thoughts as that date approaches. I promise to keep you posted with updates as they unfold.

Oceans of Love,


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The whimsical ways of magic propels young Sathra into twenty-first century. In the present  she befriends young Niall – a twelve-year-old boy who helps rescue her from his family’s well.  The interaction between the teens is well written for the age category the story was designed for. Though it took me awhile to like Niall, his boyish ways slowly grew on me. I was immediately drawn to Sathra and enjoyed her attempts at adapting to her new environment. Friend or foe? Dryad or Banshee? We watch Sathra and Niall interact and wonder if Niall’s endearing nature will be enough to derail Sathra’s personal agenda. Banshee in the Well had a smooth flow with an enjoyable ending. I recommend reading this story to all the little ones in our lives.

Robin Lovejoy Tolkien (Blog)

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Thorin and Company

I’m certain most of you Tolkien fans are aware that the latest movie installment of Middle-Earth is fast approaching. I have compiled some photos and crew info from various sites for you to peruse and enjoy.

As I kneel before my statuette of J.R.R. Tolkien and burn incense to summon his ghost for insight…ok…I’m not really doing that, but I cannot help but be excited as the movie studio prepares The Hobbit. We will finally be able to witness Bilbo Baggins and his adventures with the dwarves, as well as being introduced  to a host of new characters, and re-acquainted with old friends.


Though our writing styles differ immensely, I will not deny the impact Tolkien has had on my life. If it were not for The Hobbit, I honestly do not believe my  Order  knights of the Secret Throne or the  Dragon Maidens within my novel, Shadows of Kings would have ever been put to paper. I attribute my zeal for writing from many authors and sources, but  it was Tolkien who first allowed my imagination to wander and traverse the breadth of Middle-Earth. For that reason alone, I shall pay homage to him by occasionally posting updates on events pertaining to the release.

At the bottom of this post are some of the links from which I’ve gathered my info.




The Cast So Far

Azog – Conan Stevens
Alfrid – Ryan Gage
Bard – Luke Evans
Balin – Ken Stott
Beorn – Mikael Persbrandt
Bifur – William Kircher
Bilbo Baggins – Martin Freeman
Bofur – James Nesbitt
Bombur – Steven Hunter
Dori – Mark Hadlow
Drogo Baggins – Ryan Cage
Dwalin – Graham McTavish
Elrond – Hugo Weaving
Fili – Dean O’Gorman
Frodo Baggins – Elijah Wood
Galadriel – Cate Blanchett
Gandalf – Sir Ian McKellen
Gloin – Peter Hambleton
Goblin King – Barry Humphries
Gollum – Andy Serkis
Kili – Aidan Turner
Legolas – Orlando Bloom
Lindir – Bret McKenzie
Lord Balin – Ken Stott
Master of Laketown – Stephen Fry
Necromancer – Benedict Cumberbatch
Nori – Jed Brophy
Oin – John Callen
Ori – Adam Brown
Radagast -Sylvester McCoy
Saruman – Sir Cristopher Lee
Smaug – Benedict Cumberbatch
Tauriel – Lilly Will
Thorin – Richard Armitage
Thrain – Mike Mizrahi (TBC)
Thranduil – Lee Pace
Thror – Jeffrey Thomas (TBC)





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