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I want to express my “thanks” to all the wonderful souls who spoke with me during the Pagan Faire. It was wonderful to be one of the many vendors participating at this year’s event. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout of current and future fans of the Dragon Rising Series. SHADOWS OF KINGS had a good showing, which is encouraging as the SHADES OF VIRTURE release draws near.

Artwork for SHADES OF VIRTUE is being worked on as we speak…and I must say, the sketches for the book cover look amazing. The weeks and months prior to release are very stressful, so please keep me in your thoughts as that date approaches. I promise to keep you posted with updates as they unfold.

Oceans of Love,



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Hello everyone! I’m sorry for not posting anything for a spell. I’ve been so busy coordinating my blog tour with the various websites along with other promotional endeavors. However, I decided to take a pause in order to give my subscribers the 411.

The print run for the book is underway and the teaser book trailer is complete. The trailer will be distributed on multiple sites in mid May. Shadows of Kings should also be listed on Amazon.com pretty soon as well. Release date is still set for June 15th. Whew!

Oh…almost forgot. The book cover’s font was adjusted slightly as well. Pretty snazzy.

Oceans of love,


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